Fiberfloor Laminate




Fiberglass Laminates are manufactured with high-quality polyester resin, reinforced with fiberglass and covered with a layer of gelcoat, which gives the final product an elegant, high-gloss appearance.

They are very resistant to impacts, bad weather, being exposed to sun and rain. They provide a quick and efficient cleaning of the bodies, keeping the absence of fungi and bacteria that could contaminate the transported product.

They allow repair operations to be carried out with ease and low cost, when compared to other materials. It has a high level of thermal insulation, in addition to being a great electrical insulator and not subject to oxidation.

Used by body manufacturers to transport ice cream, fruit, margarine, chocolate, meat, flowers, among others.

Polyester resin laminate reinforced with fiberglass mat, fiberglass fabric and Gel Coat finish.


- Coating of refrigerated bodies;
- Coating of dry cargo vans;
- Coating of industrial floors;


- Non-slip finish;
- Reinforced with fiberglass fabric;
- Does not absorb water;
- High impact resistance;
- Protection against UVA/UVB rays;
- Flexibility of operational handling;
- Antibacterial Additive;
- Does not conduct electricity;
- Low thermal conductivity;
- High Weather Resistance;
- Corrosion free.


The blades are produced with thickness between 1.40 and 3.00 mm, according to the application need, being most used the 1.50, 1.70, 1.80, and 2.00 mm ones. The manufacturing of other thickness is possible under the à la carte customer order system.

The laminate has its width required by the customer and variates between 1.80 and 3.00 meters and its maximum length is 60 linear meters.