SULFIBRA EUROPE S.L. is the extension of the SULFIBRA GROUP in Europe

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Headquartered in Navarre (Spain), it has more than 1000 m2 of warehouse and offices to provide quick service to customers in Spain. Each customer has their own customized coil stock, ensuring day-to-day supply.

We currently have a large inventory of over 700 coils, plus some direct ocean shipments to customers. SULFIBRA EUROPE's objective is to establish a direct line for the supply of laminates throughout Europe, particularly in Spain. As well as support and advice to our customers, the result of 30 years of experience in the sector of our commercial team.

In line with the group's policy, our greatest asset is our customers. And your satisfaction is our biggest goal. That's why the entire team is constantly evolving and developing in all areas, from raw material inspection, manufacturing, R+D+I, to after-sales service.

Thanks to all this, SULFIBRA EUROPE is growing remarkably and establishing itself as the first purchase option for Spanish customers. Previous step to reach the rest of the European market.

Our best advertisement is customer satisfaction.

Source: Sulfibra Group